Telephonics is a great supporter of the IEEE Long Island Section and often hosts IEEE Long Island events, including Executive Committee meetings.

Address: 815 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735

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Telephonics website

The entry to Telephonics Corporation’s sites and venues is subject to the Telephonic Corporation’s policy described below.

Telephonics has unique security protocols that must be followed to facilitate a seamless visit.

Visitor registration:

Each IEEE visitor must be registered one full working day in advance of the meeting by the Telephonics meeting coordinator (for Monday meetings, the notice should be received by Thursday Night). There are separate lists for US and Foreign National Visitors, so the visitor must identify himself to the coordinator as either US or Foreign National.

  • A US visitor is any individual who is a legal, US citizen, an individual with asylee status, or a green card holder ( permanent resident of US).
  • A Foreign National is everyone else.

Required Credentials (note – must not be expired):
One of the following credentials has to be shown to the security staff in the lobby.

US Visitors:

  • US Passport,
  • Naturalization Certificate,
  • Enhanced NY State Driver’s License (not standard license),
  • US permanent resident card (green card),
  • US Certificate of Citizenship
  • photo documentation of asylee status
  • original birth certificate with embossed seal.

Foreign Visitors:

  • passport
  • visa

Option to Keep a copy at Telephonics:

The following option is if you wish to bring your official document only once, and leave a copy at the Telephonics security desk for future visits. The intent of this is to alleviate you of the need to bring the official copy every time you visit. It is not mandatory that you leave a copy, you may opt to bring the original document each time you visit.

If you wish the security staff to keep a copy of your original document on file, please bring a photocopy along with the original document and the security staff will keep the photocopy on file for future admittance after viewing the original. If you have a copy on file, you don’t have to bring your original document ( but must have a driver’s license or other picture ID if requested).

Technology Guidelines:

  • Visitors must check in cell phones.
  • Laptops/Ipads/tablets and other wireless devices are not permitted without prior approval.