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The Long Island Chapter of the Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) serves LI technical and business professionals in the Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence fields. We promote and advance knowledge by providing lectures, seminars, workshops, initiatives, events and reference material on related topics.

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The lore of MicroMouse extends back almost 50 years, when it was introduced by the IEEE. Events are held around ...

Robot Build Workshop – Day 4

The basic Osoyoo Kit has been built. Wheels, motors, Arduino Mega, motor drivers, shield for Uart, ESP 16, etc., ultrasonic ...
Robot Build Workshop - Day 3

Robot Build Workshop – Day 3

The members of the Robotics and Automation Society chapter on Long Island gather for the third workshop building the robot ...

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Recommendations for study and understanding of Robotics

To get an overview seek out the lecture series provided by “The Great Courses”. The series is called Robotics. It is made up of 24 lectures presented by Professor John Howard Long ( and was recorded in 2015. The lectures can be obtained at no cost from many libraries, either as a DVD set or streamed. It is available for steaming through the Harborfields Public Library using the streaming service Kanopy. When connected to Kanopy, search on Robotics. The 24 lecture series is summarized in the attached document, Robotics Course.txt. I logical way of utilizing the Robotics Course is to first view it by streaming through all 24 lectures in the background while doing something else, like checking eMail, etc. Then view each lecture while taking notes, pausing or replaying portions to be sure to get the desired information. You can also search on various names and identifiers to deepen understanding. Search on names of each Robot name as demonstrated and name of manufacturer. You will find that a number of the products have been discontinued or the companies have gone out of business or have been taken over by larger companies. After completing note taking, plan on a study group and review each lecture as a group. Let any member of the group call a pause in order to discuss details of material being presented. Also, consider buying or building each of the demonstrated device.

We also started looking for low cost educational robots as well as sensors and actuators. The best approach appears to be purchase of kits. We bought several and tried to build them. Initially, the very small size of metric screws and nuts in the kits proved difficult to work with and easy to lose.

We thought the best way to understand sensors and actuators was to put on kit building workshops   We have been test building a few.
LAFVIN Smart Robot Car 2WD Chassis Kit V2 Ultrasonic Module,Line Tracking Module,IR Remote Control Compatible with Arduino IDE
LAFVIN 2WD Smart Robot Car Kit WiFi ESP32 Camera Starter Kit with Tutorial Compatible with Arduino IDE
OSOYOO Omni-directinal Mecanum Wheels Robotic Car Kit for Arduino Mega2560 Metal Chassis DC Motor DIY STEM Remote Controlled Educational Mechanical DIY Coding for Teens Adult

Note that the LAFVIN kits do not include the batteries.

At some point, I will write my experiences with each kit and provide build guidance.

We have also been experimenting with ChatGPT and suggest a future workshop for interested adults. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are part of the study of Robotics. I suggest another one of the Great Courses entitled Introduction to Machine Learning. It is also available through Kanopy.

We are available for in person meetings at the library, zoom calls or telephone conversations to provide any needed information. My email address is Other team member email addresses will be provided. If there is sufficient interest after the workshops, we can arrange continuing support.

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