Lecture and Meeting Process

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Editor’s note, 2016-10-21:
The description below is written in 2014, and may need to be updated. There is a possibility that few steps will be slightly changed. However, this is still an excellent description of the steps required when organizing a lecture or a meeting.

Lecture and Meeting Process

Written by John Schmidt, September 22, 2014

There is a flow to setting up, holding and reporting a lecture or meeting:

  1. Acquire speaker and arrange location.
  2. Offer to allow co-sponsor by other society chapters – email: excom@ieee.li
  3. Optional at this time – arrange for CEUs/PDHs to be earned if the Lecture topic is applicable to CEUs/PDHs
  4. Create announcement flyer for meeting listing title, date, location, abstract, speakers credentials, etc. You need this to email the event.
  5. Schedule the meeting in vTools Meetings – https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/tego_/events/administration
  6. Let the webmaster know the details and provide any materials to post to the calendar – email: webmaster@ieee.li
  7. Send out an eNotice to your members, and any co-sponsoring society members – https://enotice.vtools.ieee.org/mailings

    (Note that you need to click on the ‘List of eNotices’ tab and then ‘Create eNotice’)
  8. Have the Lecture, recording attendance with emails, and saving receipts for pizza/soda
  9. File a L31 report – https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/main
    printing out a copy for the expense report.
  10. Provide the email address of non-ieee members to our PACE chair (email pace@ieee.li )
  11. Print a copy of the L31, and attach the L31 and receipts to a IEEE.LI expense voucher and submit to the Treasure , copy the Chairman (email treasurer@ieee.li and chairman@ieee.li )

Step 7 will send out your notice to your Chapter or Affinity Group. You can specify more, but the Chapter Chair of the other groups will be asked to approve.

Your vTool login is the same as your IEEE login on ieee.org

The vTools tutorials are here: http://sites.ieee.org/vtools/vtools-meeting-tutorials/

If you create a meeting in step 5, after the meeting you can easily create a L31 from that meeting.

You DO need to file a L31 for every meeting you hold. IEEE-USA calculates the Section, Chapter and Affinity Group health based on the number of L31’s filed. The Section also receives a rebate for each healthy entity. Affinity Groups and Chapters that do not hold the required number of meetings are also closed.

Thank you for your attention to this.