Systems Council (SYSC)

IEEE Systems Council (SysC-45) integrates IEEE
activities regarding aspects of multiple disciplines and specialty areas of
systems engineering, and covers, but is not limited to, systems engineering,
education, standards, processes, methodologies; systems modeling,
simulation, integration, resilience; robust design, safety & human factors,
security, usability, environmental; product transition: design, production,
test, deployment, disposal; program/project management; quality assurance;
mission assurance; requirements development & management; risk management;
systems architecture; systems-of-systems. The council sponsors the annual
International Systems Conference.

Technical Meetings, Lectures and Events

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News and Articles

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Presented Slides, Viewgraphs and Materials

This is the collection of the slides, viewgraphs and materials presented at the technical meetings and lectures of the Systems Council.

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Presentation Slides: [field presentation_slides_label_and_size]

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