Time to Vote – Section Officers 2017

2016-11-22 Update:

A big thank-you to everyone who expressed an interest in the Secretary position. After careful consideration of all candidates, the Nominating Committee nominates Alberto De Leon for the Secretary position.

The Nominating Committee will be getting back to everyone who expressed interest. As for any other position, if you wish to run for the Secretary position and are not a nominated candidate, please follow the petition process defined in bylaws, also described below.

The Section has several appointee positions open, including the Media Coordinator, Assistant Editor, and Website Developer. Please contact me, John Schmidt, or the Section Chair if you can help in these areas or are interested in a position.

John Vodopia
Chair, Nominating Committee

Long Island Section Members

The Annual Section Officer Election is upon us. It is unusual in that the Nomination Committee was not able to find a volunteer for the position of Secretary.

The Nominated slate is:

Section Chair: Marj Issapour
1st Vice Chair: Lou DoNofrio
2nd Vice Chair: Davor Dokonal, James Colotti (updated 2016-12-01)
Treasurer: Santo Mazzola
Secretary: Alberto De Leon (updated 2016-11-22)

If anyone would like to volunteer for the position of Secretary, please email the Chair (Nazrul Islam, chair@ieee.li) and the Nominating Committee Chair (John Vodopia, jvodopia@gmail.com) as soon as possible so you can be considered.

The Ballot will go up and be open on December 18th, running through December 25th. A link to the Ballot will be emailed closer to the election.

The Bylaws also allow for a nomination by member petition. If you wish to run for any position, please follow the process below.

Petition nominations must be in writing and bear the signature of at least ten (10) voting members of the L.I. Section; they are to be delivered to the Chair of the L.I. Section or to the Chair of the Nominating Committee.

A scan of the petition can be emailed to the Chair (chair@iee.li) and the Nominating Committee Chair John Vodopia (jvodopia@gmail.com) to fulfill this requirement.

Thank you!

John Schmidt
Sr. Past Chair LI Section

On Behalf Nazrul Islam and John Vodopia