Signal Processing (SP)

The Signal Processing Society (SP-1) caters to hardware, firmware and software engineers involved in signal processing techniques, implementation and apparatus. There is an IEEE Signal Processing Repository (SigPort) site that archives manuscripts, reports, theses, and supporting materials. Created and supported by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), SigPort collects technical material of interests to the broad signal processing community. Click on SigPort to learn more information about the repository.

Technical Meetings, Lectures and Events

Engineering at Sea: Life Aboard an Oceanographic Research Vessel
The IEEE LI Consultants Network (LICN) in collaboration with IEEE Long Island (LI) Signal Processing Society (SPS) presents the following ...
Co-Design of Algorithms and Architectures for Machine Learning Inference at the Edge for Video Analytics
The IEEE Long Island (LI) Signal Processing Society (SPS) presents the following Distinguished Technical Lecture: Video analytics involves processing video ...
Maximizing Learning with Minimal Labels: Innovations in Medical Image Analysis with Sparse Labels
The IEEE Long Island (LI) Signal Processing Society (SPS) in collaboration with North Jersey Social Implications of Technology Society presents ...

News and Articles

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Technical Presentations

This is the collection of the slides, viewgraphs and materials presented at the technical meetings and lectures of the Signal Processing.

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