Giving back to the community

Hello everyone,

For those who do not know me, I work on staff with IEEE supporting the volunteers in the US, primarily in Regions 3, 5 & 6. Some of you may know my colleague Adrienne Hahn who supports Region 1. In our roles, we try and help answer your questions, but also from time to time, we come across opportunities that may be of interest to our constituents, and this happens to be one of those cases.
A close friend of mine recently made me aware of a Girl Scout troop in New York that is made of homeless girls who range in age from 5-15. My understanding is they have a primary focus on STEM education, and it got me thinking – Is there a way IEEE can help?
I guess my first question would be if any of you aware of this troop and currently working with them? If so PLEASE contact Adrienne and I as we’d like to learn more and provide support.
If not, This could be an EXCELLENT way to give back to the community & help kids in need. The opportunities are endless.
I found a series of articles that speak about the troop and offer more information. In the first article, it mentions troops in other areas and I plan to connect with them as well.
The distribution of this message is 50+ volunteers in the New York/Long Island Sections, including student branches. The idea is for various groups within the Section to partner together so we can do some real good in this space.
Any questions, let me know.
Kind regards,
Chris Wright
IEEE Membership Marketing & Sales Specialist

Featured image credit: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Members of Girl Scout Troop 6000 troop and leader Giselle Burgess hug after being honored as the first troop exclusively for homeless girls, at a ceremony at New York City Hall on April 25.