By Charlie Pleckaitis

IEEE Chair Employment Assistance Committee, LI Section



[1] If you are not satisfied with your present position or want a higher salary, consider the following:

Reference the book “Mastering the Art of Quitting” which breaks down obstacles to quitting, illustrated by example stories of men & women who had the courage to gracefully quit jobs that did not satisfy them.

APP developers are getting into the job-hunting act in a big way. The App Smart column reviewed several new job-search apps, including one, Indeed that gathers job postings from a wide range of sites & makes them all easily searchable & viewable.  Another app, SWITCH, is designed to work a lot like the dating phenomenon Tinder: Job listings matching your interests are presented as one-page summaries, & you swipe left if they are not for you, & right if you like them.


[2] Three fastest LI Revenue Growth Firms at the end of year 2016 which one may want to check out for possible positions are:

(a) Comtrex in Farmingdale 368% growth (air pollution control & electronic manufacturers’ services).

(b) Andrea Electronics Corporation 298% growth in Bohemia (makes microphones &noise reduction software for speech recognition & mobile recording).

(c) NeuLion Inc. in Plainview 141% growth (Streaming Media services to NFL, NBA & UFC)