Chair’s Message, Oct 2022

This past week I had the opportunity to attend a trade show in my industry. It was the first such show in three years. Although sparsely attended since it had no virtual component, it did mark a return to a more normal set of events. In that vein, the Section meeting schedule is filling up. Please register for the upcoming Power Electronics Symposium; we expect a significant turnout.

Also of note is the rejuvenation of the PACE committee for the region. Ostensibly to promote professional advancement, the committee also accepts STEM and limited social events as part of its new mission. Lon Chu has graciously volunteered to serve as the Section representative and she will be presenting requests for matching funds for two or three line items on the schedule. The BNL tour she arranged may be the type of meeting that will receive matching funding from PACE, although we expect future events to be more of the “Employ Me” day type, which directly affects professional advancement rather than informativeness.

In next month’s issue, we can look forward to a description of the Electron-Ion Collider scheduled for construction at Brookhaven National Lab. This will be by way of introduction to the employment opportunities opening up for the project.

Enjoy the lovely fall weather everyone.

Arnold Stillman
IEEE Long Island Section Chair, 2022