Chair’s Message, Oct 2021

Although October is a slow month for meetings and events, we do have a Virtual Distinguished Lecturer presentation on the 29th. November, however, brings three interesting meetings of interest to a wide spectrum of the Section membership. Two of them are virtual talks and the third is an in-person celebration of the founding of RCA on Long Island. The virtual presentations are free to attend. The RCA commemorative celebration will have a $40 fee.

On October 29, Professor Mohammed Atiquzzaman of the University of Oklahoma will present a VIrtual Distinguished Lecturer talk on extending the internet to spacecraft. Dr. Atiquzzaman is the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, the founding Editor-in-Chief of Vehicular Communications and has served on the editorial boards of many IEEE journals and publications. The talk is Connecting Space Assets to the Internet: Challenges and Solutions and the registration link is here.

The Rocky Point Historical Society in collaboration with the IEEE Long Island Section, will commemorate the centennial of the first transoceanic radio transmission from RCA Radio Central. The milestone plaque will be installed at Rocky Point High School at 11 AM. A buffet lunch and presentation will follow at Majestic Gardens. Admission to the luncheon is $40, payable to: RPHS, PO Box 1720, Rocky Point, NY 11778. Please call 631-839-0490 with any questions. A notice will be going out soon.

On November 9, Alex Wellerstein of the Stevens Institute of Technology will speak on the electrical aspects of nuclear weapon development. Engineering is not the only subject of his talk, however. There’s a spy story as well. The presentation is The Button & the Bomb: Electrical Engineering & Nuclear Weapons. Register for Professor Wellersteins’s talk on vtools here.

On November 11, IEEE Fellow Dr. Kalyan K. Sen, will provide the basic principles of power flow control theory, an overview of the most commonly used power flow controllers, and future trends in controllers. The talk is titled SMART Power Flow Controllers – A Necessity for Future Power Grid and is online. Register for the talk here. As things very slowly return to normal, we look forward to seeing more in-person events and getting the Section membership active again.

Arnold Stillman
IEEE Long Island Section Chair, 2021