Chair’s Message, May 2022

April has seen a return to near normalcy for us all. Our first live event occurred at the end of March, as I mentioned last month. Photos from the Banquet will be posted shortly, but this one of the room shows just how eager members were for a return to live events. It is gratifying to see that the room was near capacity, and I hope no one suffered any exposure to Covid as a result.

Coming up this week is the return of LISAT as well. If you haven’t registered, there is still time. Registration is open up until May 6, the actual day of the conference. Register at the LISAT registration page or on vtools.

As I previously mentioned, the PACE Committee will be rejuvenated for the Section. I am still looking for volunteers to be the Section’s PACE chair for the region. Plans are in the offing for at least two events, a design competition and a social gathering, but more work needs to be done to bring them to fruition.

Lastly, I want to stress the goals of membership development and event reporting. The Section’s vitality depends on restoring the activities that were so in abeyance over the last two years. Although Covid still presents a risk, it is more manageable given our current knowledge. Safe practices will see a return to the Section we remember.

Arnold Stillman
IEEE Long Island Section Chair, 2022