Chair’s Message, June 2021

The end of our long Covid-19 pandemic is in sight, thanks to the efforts of all who have distanced themselves, masked themselves and had themselves vaccinated. Some pundits are referring to the before and after periods as B.C. and A.C., for before and after Covid. They could have presumably used AC and PC, for ante-Covid and post-Covid. Let’s see how they play out in the near future.

The Section has made gallant efforts to stay involved with the membership in various ways. Upcoming events are starting to search for in-person venues finally and newly original events have sprung up: the Long Island Engineers Club is now a vibrant email list with an active slate of discussions. See the Engineer’s Club. The Section hosts a networking meeting on zoom the fourth Monday of every other month. The meeting
features breakout rooms as well as general discussions. Join the meeting by going to the calendar to get the meeting details.

This past month featured a technical seminar, “Underexplored Three-Phase Power Failure Conditions,” hosted by several sections. CES and PDH credits were available for attendees and admission was free. Upcoming in June is the 2021 NYIT Energy Conference, “Building Sustainable Communities”. See the website for more information; registration is here.

Also this summer, as I mentioned in previous issues, is the IEEE SPS Seasonal School on Signal Processing and Communication Systems for 5G. Registration is not yet open, but this is a major international event organized in part by Dr. Jess Donaldosn of the Long Island Section.

Look for more events this summer, including a long-awaited in person social get together. Everyone stay healthy and let’s enjoy the warm weather safely.

Arnold Stillman
IEEE Long Island Section Chair, 2021