Chair’s Message – June 2016

One of the major challenges IEEE has been facing worldwide is the declining memberships. The Long Island Section has formed a task force committee to identify the issues and potential solutions in this regard. It is observed that IEEE is struggling to publicize its activities and benefits to the Members. The employers seem to have no interest in encouraging their Engineers to get involved to IEEE. The Section has had a difficult time over past years in drawing attentions of industries in the region to its technical seminars and conferences, whereas such activities are offered almost free of cost which could enhance their Engineers’ professional expertise significantly. I would invite your recommendations as well as active participation in the initiative taken by the Section to enhance the IEEE membership.

The Section continues to offering technical seminars even over the summer, where highly recognized experts and researchers are giving lectures on state-of-the-art topics. Hope you would take the opportunity to attend these activities for your professional development purposes.

The Section finally launched its new website at In addition to the new graphic look, it has more information and articles than before. I would appreciate your visiting the website and letting us know your comments for the future developments.

I have been invited to attend the awards programs of some other Sections in the southeast area of IEEE Region 1. Though I could not attend all of them due to time conflict, I would take this opportunity to acknowledge the kinds invitations of the METSAC Sections. Hope we can collaborate in fulfilling the mission of the IEEE.

While the weather is getting better for outdoor activities and vacations, the Section will still continue providing technical support, planning and organizing conferences to be held in Fall and carrying on routine activities. As always, we would welcome your comment and recommendation.

Wish you have a wonderful summer with your family and friends.

Thanking you,

M. Nazrul Islam, PhD
IEEE Long Island Section